Bird Management

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Why Manage Birds?

Some bird species are considered to cause real problems for both homeowners and businesses alike.  Pest birds cause millions of dollars of damage every year to buildings, machinery, roofs and more.  Unwanted birds are known to:

  • Spread diseases to humans, carrying fleas, mites, ticks, lice and other disease spreading insects
  • Cause damage to buildings as their droppings, which are very acidic in nature actually corrode building material 
  • Damage roofs with their nesting, pigeon, starling and sparrow nests are often built in rain gutters, drains and corners of roofs where drains are located
  • Damage machinery like air conditioning equipment as acidic droppings make their way into the units, not to mention the contaminated air being feed into buildings
  • Access the smallest cavity in your home or business and roost. 


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