Flea Management

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Household Flea Control

If you own a household pet you are probably very acquainted with fleas and the problems they create.  Although not overly harmful to us, they can cause a nasty irritating rash with their itchy bite.  Fleas can jump long distances from animal to animal, or from carpet to human. They are well adapted to move and breed in different areas of a house and from cat to dog to owner.

Flea Infestation

Flea Infestation in Bedding

Some people and pets can become allergic to flea bites as they become sensitised to the protein in flea saliva. Dogs and cats can develop a severe flea allergy dermatitis, especially at the base of the tail, where the fleas seem to congregate. If they are allergic, they need only be bitten by one or two fleas to get a severe reaction.

Females are capable of laying hundreds of eggs in a day. These eggs are resistant and can remain viable in the carpet or environment for months. This means once they are in the carpet they can be difficult to get rid of and will require special treatment to help break the cycle. Call the professionals at S.W.A.T Pest Control to treat your entire home.

Environmental Management

Quick and effective measures to reduce you flea population:

  • treat all pets with a veterinary approved flea treatment
  • treat all pets at the same time as one untreated pet will infect all the others.
  • as much as possible avoid your pet coming into contact with other animals
  • regularly wash pets bedding
  • vacuum regularly and thoroughly

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