WASP Management

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Wasps are a valuable part of our environment; however, they earn their ‘pest’ status when they begin nesting in close proximity to our homes and workplaces, attack beehives and prey on native insects.  

Not all wasps are alike, some species are social, others are solitary.
Social wasps, like the paper wasp, are very territorial, aggressively defending their territory with painful stings and sometimes attacking on mass. Wasps that are solitary in nature, work alone and tend to be less aggressive.

Depending on the type of wasp, you will find wasps nesting in:

  • underground holes dug in the soil
  • crevices of tree trunks
  • hedges
  • stored goods
  • roof voids

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Locating the Nest

When noticing large numbers of wasps around your property, carefully observe the flight path of the wasps as this may lead you to the nest in your area.  Carefully examining potential nest sites can reveal wasps entering and exiting from a small entrance hole around 3-5cm wide.